Permanent Exhibits:

The Arthur Child Heritage Museum presents the rich cultural and natural history of the 1000 Islands through permanent and seasonal exhibits designed to educate and entertain.

Experience 10,000 years of 1000 Islands history: our permanent, interactive displays invite visitors to explore the 1000 Islands ecosystem, learn about the First Nations people, early settlers, and military leaders. Discover the fascinating and intriguing lives of folk heroes, as well as the rich and famous of the Golden Era.

Cutty Sark

The Museum is home to four magnificent model ships, including the HMS St. Lawrence, crafted by William Morrison and on display in the main rotunda.


Visitors of all ages will appreciate the role of the St. Lawrence River, past and present, after a tour through our spacious 2nd floor exhibit area. Be sure to visit our Wheelhouse in the Tower and experience the river first hand.

New Permanent Exhibits: Plying the River

An archive of the Carnegie Ferry’s and other river vessels, designed and created by Brian Phillips.

Seasonal Exhibits:

New Seasonal Exhibit 2018: Migrations


Open daily May to October.