Permanent Exhibits:

The 1000 Islands History Museum presents the rich cultural and natural history of the 1000 Islands through permanent and seasonal exhibits designed to educate and entertain.

Experience 10,000 years of 1000 Islands history: our permanent, interactive displays invite visitors to explore the 1000 Islands ecosystem, learn about the First Nations people, early settlers, and military leaders. Discover the fascinating and intriguing lives of folk heroes, as well as the rich and famous of the Golden Era.

Cutty Sark

The Museum is home to four magnificent model ships, including the HMS St. Lawrence, crafted by William Morrison and on display in the main rotunda.


Visitors of all ages will appreciate the role of the St. Lawrence River, past and present, after a tour through our spacious 2nd floor exhibit area. Be sure to visit our Wheelhouse in the Tower and experience the river first hand.

New Permanent Exhibits: Plying the River

An archive of the Carnegie Ferry’s and other river vessels, designed and created by Brian Phillips.

Seasonal Exhibits:

Heather Haynes’ The Art of Courage: The Wall of Courage

An initiative of the newly formed non-profit The Art of Courage, Heather Haynes brings her iconic Wall of Courage to the 1000 Islands History Museum beginning September 3rd to 28th. 

Wall of Courage is a large art installation that took Haynes over 3 years and many trips abroad, to create.  The work pays tribute to human resilience through the depiction of 81 orphaned Congolese children on 80 painted panels.  Each 2’ x 3’ panel tells the story of a child for whom Haynes raises money to help provide sustenance, healthcare and education.  

The children depicted on the Wall go by the moniker “Tchukudu Kids”, given to them by Kizungu Hubert, their primary caregiver in Goma, DR Congo, as a testament to their human spirit.  A Tchukudu is a resilient, handmade wooden bike-like cart, native to the North Kivu region of DR Congo that many people use to transport heavy loads over the rugged landscape.  

Haynes began raising money to support the children after she met Hubert and the two exchanged stories of their lives.  “It was a real leap of faith, but I felt it was the right thing to take a chance on.”, says Haynes of her work to help provide these children with a sustainable future.  Through exhibiting Wall of Courage in six international locations, Haynes has been able to garner support by securing sponsorships for the children, have 2 schools and 2 medical clinics built, and a permaculture agriculture project. 

The Historic Thousand Islands Village Foundation operating as The 1000 Islands History Museum is a non-profit charitable organization, dedicated to creating exhibits and archives, collecting and preserving artifacts that interpret the unique history, life and times of the Thousand Islands Region and its communities.