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1st Annual Great Scarecrow Festival!

Posted on September 16, 2013

Happy Fall – Happy Back to School – Happy Leaf Raking!

Yes, it’s that time of year and we begin a new cycle once again. The seasonal change to cooler temperatures is welcomed by many I’m sure!  So let’s break out the snuggies, the flannies and the warm cider! I, for one – love the cool , I love the colours starting to show and I love anything ‘Fall and Harvest’. Which brings me to our next news flash of the day – Yes, we are on a mission down here!

We are trying to imagine just how many unique and wonderful Scarecrows we can actually fit inside the Exhibit areas- so why not join us for the 1st Annual Scarecrow Festival event! We think it should be great fun to find out. So gather up your finest Scarecrow materials, friends etc and join in the fun! We will showcase the entries throughout the Museum from Oct.1st to Oct.13th, at which time the Top 3 most popular entries will be announced! (and yes… we have a prize for the Top 3 too!)

Voting is by Public Ballot, so make sure you stop by and wander through the showcase of creations that will adorn our beautiful venue. Entries are open to all individuals, businesses, schools or groups – Don’t forget to cast your vote for your favourite! (Ballot tickets will be at the Front Desk – and each entry will have a wee box alongside, in which to place your vote)For more information/guidelines, just call or drop by the Museum and we will be happy to help you along.

Ok, so that’s the Scarecrow info – but also, as part of our annual tradition over Thanksgiving weekend, on Sunday,Oct 13th – we will once again toast in the Fall Season with Ginger Cookies and Warm Cider  with our visitors. We look forward to seeing everyone!


Speaking of fun stuff,  remember when we went back to classes when we were kids and usually a few short weeks into routine, our teacher would send us out and about to find the MOST AWESOME fall leaves we could find. The task was – to find them (as many species as we could) take them home, clean them, and with a hot iron- press them between waxed paper and a tea-towel. Then, we had to identify each of them by name and then mount them on poster boards for school display 🙂  I’m fondly thinking of how great that really was, we learned all the names of our typical Ontario trees at such a young age and I for one, became quite intrigued and attached to the beauty of nature in such a simple activity. To this day, I still gather leaves in my walks and share their colours and beauty with my grand-kids. Maybe I’ll grab the iron and waxed paper and we could have an afternoon of collecting and mounting nature’s finest! Add in some warm cider and we’ll be happy campers for sure…

Have a great day everyone and here’s a ponder I leave you with,

“Autumn…the year’s last, loveliest smile.” – William Cullen Bryant





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